February 2012

A must read for women

For all you women out there, have you ever looked back on some choices you’ve made and through, ‘how on earth could I be so stupid?’ Well don’t feel bad- I have too and many times at that. Luckily for me and soon to be for you as well- there is a book that can help you spot these times and stop them become they happen, saving you  a lot of regret and wasted time. This book is called ’10 thing women do to mess up their lives’. This book is both humorous and informational. I think this is a must read by all the women up there who want to be smart instead of regretful.

Books everyone should read

"White Oleander is very interesting and capturing book."

I have a very extensive book collection that I’ve been adding to since I was young. I had recently donated a bunch of books because honestly, young R.L Stein books and others were just taking up precious space on my book shelf. While going through my books, I noted a few that I feel are must reads by everyone who enjoys a good book.

Edgar Allan Poe

"I feel that all book lovers should read at least one piece by Poe to see if it sparks an interest."

Of all the authors whose work I’ve read, noone has been such as wonderful experience as that of Edgar Allan Poe. I become familiar with the author several years ago; through a friend I met during my high school years. She introduced me to several great others, including Poe. I read A Tell Tale Heart and from then on knew that his writing was something that could certainly keep my interest.