January 2012

Nicholas Sparks; The Wedding and more

Long before The Notebook came to the big screen, Nicholas Sparks has been a favorite author of mine. The way he writes just captures me and makes me want to spend the day turning pages. I do admit that The Notebook was a wonderful movie and I’ve seen it several times. However, I have to say that the movie is nothing in comparison to the book. While I was watching the movie, there were just so many pieces missing. The movie cut out parts of the story that I felt were just so important. I guess a good movie will just never compare to a good book.

A Writers Reference

During my college years I had a great English professor that was very keen on helping us with the writing process. We wrote paper after paper, and it was at a point overwhelming, but I have to say it certainly paid off. It gave me a better understanding for the different types of writing and when to use certain words. She recommended a writing tool to me, that I still use to this day. It is the greatest reference out there and I feel that every writer should have a copy of their own.

Are you a work at home mom?

At times, those of us who write for a living can experience a difficult time connecting to other writers and finding jobs. One of my favorite writer resources would have to be WAHM. This stands for work at home mom, but moms aren’t the only ones who belong to the site. There are people from a broad range of spectrums that offer writing advice, resources and tips.

My favorite section is definitely the freelancing column. There you can find information on the latest jobs available to those who write for a living using their computer. You’re also about to ask the other members for advice and even receive tips on how to make your writing better. I’ve been an active member for 5 years now, and I’ve gotten many of my writing leads from the ladies within the forum group.