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A must read for women

For all you women out there, have you ever looked back on some choices you’ve made and through, ‘how on earth could I be so stupid?’ Well don’t feel bad- I have too and many times at that. Luckily for me and soon to be for you as well- there is a book that can help you spot these times and stop them become they happen, saving you  a lot of regret and wasted time. This book is called ’10 thing women do to mess up their lives’. This book is both humorous and informational. I think this is a must read by all the women up there who want to be smart instead of regretful.

The book covers a lot of ground, much of it dealing with the stupid mistakes we make when it comes to men. I received this as a gift and I first I thought, ‘what can it tell me that I don’t already know?’ The answer to my question was lots! Not only does the author tell you about her personal experience, she runs a hotline for women and includes a lot of the conversations that occurred with her and other women through this hot line. When you hear the stories of other women, a lot of it makes you think about things you have done in relationships and it also shows you just how blind and naive you were being during that time.

Even if you don’t think you do any ‘stupid’ things to mess up your life, I think you should give this book a read. You never know what the future holds and by reading this, you can prevent a lot of mistakes from occurring and continue living your care-free lives.