Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe

"I feel that all book lovers should read at least one piece by Poe to see if it sparks an interest."

Of all the authors whose work I’ve read, noone has been such as wonderful experience as that of Edgar Allan Poe. I become familiar with the author several years ago; through a friend I met during my high school years. She introduced me to several great others, including Poe. I read A Tell Tale Heart and from then on knew that his writing was something that could certainly keep my interest.

I went to the local bookstore shortly after and purchased ‘Complete Tales and Poems of Edgar Allan Poe’. This book contains each and every piece that Poe has ever written. It includes each of his short stories, poems and even some not so known scripts that he wrote in his day. I’ve read every single word in that book and have to say that they all provided the reading satisfaction I expected.

I’ve met some people who said they do not care for Poe because they can’t grasp the concept behind much of the stories. I suggested to them that they take each piece of the story, evaluate it and then move onto the next. Once a section of the story is understood, the entire story seems to fall into place with ease. Also, any parts of the story that are not understood can be quickly looked up on the Internet for further clarification.

I feel that all book lovers should read at least one piece by Poe in order to see if it sparks an interest. Anyone who enjoys a good story or well-written poem with a deep meaning is sure to love Poe the way that I do.