Books everyone should read

Books everyone should read

"White Oleander is very interesting and capturing book."

I have a very extensive book collection that I’ve been adding to since I was young. I had recently donated a bunch of books because honestly, young R.L Stein books and others were just taking up precious space on my book shelf. While going through my books, I noted a few that I feel are must reads by everyone who enjoys a good book.

Tuesdays with Morrie is a wonderful story that I feel everyone should read at least once in their lifetime. It is a story of a young man and an old man who develop a relationship and it changes both of them. I would get into many details of the books because I don’t want to spoil them for those who have yet to read them.

White Oleander is very interesting and capturing book. They’ve made a movie from it but, the movie does not even come close to comparing with the book. It is a story of a young girl who is send through the foster system after her mom is put in jail and it tells of all the crazy things she encounters throughout her journey.

A child called it is another great read that is based on a true story. David also has other books that follow along with this one. It is a story of a young boy who is seriously and severely abused by his mother. She basically treats him as if he were a dog, locks him in the basement and other terrible things. It is a compelling story and the things you read within the pages are at times hard to believe.